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About Methodist School


About Methodist School

The Methodist School Nibong Tebal, the only English School in Province Wellesley South, is coeducational and is more than 100 years old. The school is said to have been in existence as early as 1898 and was first known as Anglo Tamil School. Later, in 1903, Mr. Gnasagamyym renamed  The Anglo-Chinese School. The school was then a rented shop-house in the town. In 1904 it moved into the district office building with an enrolment at about 50 students and tuition was given up to Standard Five, the equivalent of the present Form One. It was not until 1913 that the Reverend Jesudason erected a proper school building in High Road, coping up with the increase in enrolment with 5 members on the tutorial staff. The Rev. Samuel added more classrooms and his successor, Mr J. A. P Oswald, found it necessary to fill up the swamp in the vicinity of the school building to provide a playing field for the children. He also started the first Inter- House Sports and other extra-mural activities. The year 1935 saw Mr, Looi Leng Yìm extending the class-rooms for better accommodations. He planned new buildings for the school and started the building fund, but the war inl94l put an untimely end to his plans for Mr. Looi was killed by the Japanese.

Since the Liberation

After the war, Mr. Yeoh Kok Kee reorganised the school. It was then an empty building without walls or doors. However, the building was rehabilitated and the school conducted lessons with double sessions, a step necessitated by the large increase in enrolment. By 1948 accommodation became so acute that the school pursued a policy of expansion. Fortunately, Mr. Lim Hock Yeong, a member of the staff of the Anglo-Chinese School, Penang, volunteered to steer the school through its dark days. Through his efforts, funds began to flow in from the public and with the generous assistance of the Methodist Church and the Government; two blocks of six classrooms were put upon the land leased by the Penang Rubber Estates. The old building was then sold and the proceeds added to the new building campaign. The public responded magnificently and with further assistance from the Methodist Church and the Government, 12 more class rooms were built, making a total of 18; The cost amounted to over $ 120,000 /- of which the public contributed $ 35,000 /-, the Methodist Church $25,000 /- and the Government the rest. The boys and girls in the school numbered 638.

The school still provided education only up to Standard Five after which pupils had to seek admission to other schools. It was found that it became harder for other schools to absorb our pupils as they also had to face their own problems of rising enrolments. In 1952 it became necessary to extend tuition to Form Two and to Form Three the following year. This eased the situation partially but our pupils still had to seek admission elsewhere after passing Form 3, The situation was discouraging, if not pathetic, as only the best pupils had the chance to continue their education, often at punitive expenses as they had to travel a distance of more than thirty-five miles every day.

Mr. Lam Yet Seng succeeded Mr. Lim as Principal of the school with an enrolment of nearly 900 and the staff of about 40. The efforts of Mr Lam to introduce Upper Secondary education in the school bore fruit when in 1957 , the Form Three class obtained more than 90% passes in the Lower Certificate Of Education Examination. The Chief Education Officer, Penang, kindly granted the school approval to start the Form Four class in 1958. In the same year, the school was split into the Methodist primary School and the Methodist Secondary School with Miss Ann Harder’ M.A. as principal of the Secondary School.

Since the Seperation

Miss Ann Harder strongly felt the need for a Science Laboratory. A sum of approximately $18’000 /- was raised locally and together with the aid from the Government, an imposing block of two laboratories was added to the school. The first batch of candidates for the Overseas School Certificate Examination was presented by the school in 1959. Miss Ann Harder was succeeded by Mr. Stanley Padman, B.A. in 1960.


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