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About Methodist School.

About Us

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Vision & Mission

Untuk dijadikan satu tapak  bagi golongan lepasan sekolah atau pun anak-anak kepada bekas penuntut Sekolah Menengah Methodist Nibong Tebal untuk berinteraksi antara satu sama lain mengenai peluang pekerjaan mahupun peluang perniagaan dan aktiviti riadah yang sihat.


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Circle with 12 Branches

A circle with 12 branches symbolizes the necessity to be
open minded and actively positve at all times.

Blue Colour

Blue symbolizes harmony among members.

Yellow Colour

Yellow symbolizes enthusiastic spirit/will to succeed.

Triangle in Circle

Triangle in the circle symbolised unity regardless of race, religion or wealth.

History About Our School


Back then, it was the only English School in Province Wellesley South by the name of Anglo-Tamil School.

1903 & 1904

Name changed to Anglo-Chinese School, the school was actually a rented shop-house in town.School was re-located to district office building.


Proper school building was erected at High Road.  Gradual expansion of classrooms including ‘creation’ of playing field from the swamp area nearby.



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